3/13/20 – COVID-19

In prayerful and prudential caution, we’ve decided to close The Attic – McKee, KY next week, March 16-20. That will give the ladies there time to deep clean and disinfect the store as well as sort through donations. We will be unable to accept any new donations during that week. At the end of next week, we will determine if The Attic needs to remain closed to the public for another week or not.

As Gov. Beshear has asked all private and public schools to cease in person classes for a minimum of 2 weeks starting on Monday. In anticipation of Jackson County Schools following his request we want to remind the community that the office will be closed while the schools are closed. We will still be available by phone, email, and Facebook but there will be no appointments or walk in requests for assistance available. If emergency assistance is needed, please call us and we’ll figure something out.

Currently, Sunday Masses have NOT been cancelled, although Bishop Stowe has dispensed (excused) all Catholics from their Sunday obligation this weekend, so if you are immune compromised, not feeling well, or have family who is immune compromised and you’re trying to avoid catching and spreading illness to them, please stay home. Christ the King Cathedral will have a live stream of their 9am Sunday Mass on Facebook. If the decision is made to cancel our Sunday Mass here, we’ll make an announcement here as well as contacting our congregation. You can also find Masses being televised on EWTN, via their website, tv channel, or Roku / Firestick / SmartTV app.

Be reasonable and prudential in taking precautions during this time to protect not only yourself but also those in our community, both young and old, that may be immune compromised and can not weather this virus as easily as you may be able to. If you happen to be heading out to run errands, maybe check on your elderly or immune compromised neighbors to see if you can pick up anything for them, be it groceries or a prescription or whatever, so they don’t have to go out. You can further help them limit contact by dropping it off on their porch instead of carrying it inside.

We are not a people of fear. Do not be afraid. Do use your head and the common sense God gave you. <3 Stay home if you’re feeling ill or if you’ve had a fever in the last 24 hours (you need to be fever free without using any fever reducing meds); avoid larger crowds or places that are notoriously difficult to keep clean/disinfected (hello children’s play spaces at fast food joints); if you wouldn’t have sought medical treatment for whatever ails you before COVID-19 then don’t seek it for those things during COVID-19 in order to try to help keep our medical facilities available for those who truly need them (whether they have a severe case of COVID-19 or some other real medical emergency); know (or learn) the difference between the symptoms of COVID-19, the flu virus, and a head cold; and WASH THOSE HANDS!!!