Diocese Plans Day of Online Giving for April 9

Diocese Plans Day of Online Giving for April 9 for Parishes, Catholic Charities
LEXINGTON — The Catholic Diocese of Lexington is hosting an online Day of Giving scheduled for Holy Thursday, April 9, in an effort to drive donations to the Church’s greatest needs. The focus for this day is parish offertory support and Catholic Charities and is open to anyone who wants to support the Church’s ministries.
#DioLexGives – A Day of Online Giving is in keeping with the spirit of the liturgy for Holy Thursday, the beginning of the holiest days of the year, leading into Easter Sunday. The Mass of Holy Thursday traditionally calls for a procession of gifts for the poor as “where true charity is dwelling, God is present there” is sung.
“Our parishes are experiencing a sharp decline in offertory giving, and Catholic Charities is in dire need of emergency assistance support for families who have lost their income due to shutdowns. We expect the requests for assistance to drastically increase as the weeks of sheltering-in-place continue,” said Bobbi Silver, development director for the diocese. “With the #DioLexGives campaign, we hope to be able to serve better those who are most in need at this distressing time.”
Silver added, “Even though we are unable to celebrate Mass together, please continue to support your parish. With Mass cancelled, parishes need help to function. Just like a home budget, the bills for utilities, for insurance, and for other operations will continue.”
 To give directly to Catholic Charities of Lexington, visit: www.catholiccharitieslexington.org
For more information, contact Bobbi Silver, Director of Development, at (859) 539-7997 or bsilver@cdlex.org or Ginny Vicini, Executive Director of Cathoic Charities, at (859) 253-1993 x215 or gvicini@cdlex.org.