Note From Fr. Simpson

2020 Christmas Day Mass will be at 11:45am Canceled Due To Bad Road Conditions.

Note from Father Simpson 

We have once again come to a major liturgical season where we find ourselves limited by precautions to guard  against the global pandemic. I know that all of you are as frustrated as I am by the forced isolation, fear, and confusion which grips the world. It’s a good time for us to keep on keeping on and beat this nasty virus. Just as we find hope in the Babe of Bethlehem who is Jesus the Savior of the world, we might also in this Holy Season find hope in the vaccines that are wending their way around the world. There is hope for a better future and the certainty that we will be all together again gathered around the altar. 

We will be celebrating mass in the parish, but still under the constraints of the Bishop’s pandemic protection plan.  Please be aware that we have limited seating…if you can, I encourage you to do those things which bring you comfort in your homes this Christmas Eve…gather around your tree or advent wreath and sing your favorite carols  and read the second chapter of the Gospel of Luke. Find comfort in the promises of the Incarnation of the Christ as  we remain as safe as possible. Surely this thing will soon be over!  

Here is an article that you might use for inspiration in your isolated Christmas celebrations this year. A very Merry Christmas to each and every one!


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