Apply for Assistance

If you need assistance with a monthly expense like a utility bill or rent; or if you need help purchasing a required uniform item for your job, replacing furniture and home items lost in a fire, gas to get to an appointment, home improvements, etc. – please see the list below to find out what you’ll need in order to apply for aid from St. Paul Catholic Mission. You will need to call us at 606-287-7601 to set up an appointment to apply for assistance and bring all of the following to your appointment. Please note that we are unable to provide emergency (same or next day) assistance. In most cases it will take a week, sometimes more, for us to get your assistance check in. We do not give money out to individuals, instead we will have a check written directly to the utility company, landlord, store, etc. We are only able to offer assistance to those living in Jackson County, Ky.

  1. Government issued photo id with current address. If your id doesn’t have your current address, then you’ll need to provide proof of your current address.
  2. Proof of all household income (pay stubs, unemployment, pension, retirement, disability, social security, child support, etc.)
  3. Proof of any other assistance you receive (food stamps, etc)
  4. Be prepared to discuss ALL monthly expenses, in detail. If we find that your budget should be able to support whatever your request is, you’ll likely be denied. We have a limited budget and are trying to help as many people in need as possible.
  5. If you’ve requested assistance for this from any other community resource or church, let us know what they said. (i.e. If C.A.P. says they can help with $50 towards a bill, or your church says they can help with $100 towards your rent, etc.)
  6. Verification of need –

Requesting help with a utility – we need to see the bill & it must be in your name

Rent assistance – we need to see your lease & it must be in your name

Help furnishing your home after a burnout – we need to see the report from the first responders or fire fighters.

Help with gas money to get to work, doctor’s appointments, etc – we need to see proof of your job, appointments, etc.

Help with purchasing some part of your uniform required for your job – we need to see something from your job that verifies that you work there and that whatever piece of uniform you’re requesting help for is REQUIRED by your job and that you are required to provide it.

Home improvements or fixing something – if you want to hire someone and have us help pay for it, you’ll need a written quote from whomever you are planning to hire. If you want us to find volunteers to fix something, you’ll likely be waiting for a long time as we are unable to help with those kinds of projects unless we have a service group in and we’re currently unable to get service groups in due to Covid-19. We’d suggest you call C.A.P. (606-287-7070) and get on their waiting list.